Pre-Vocational and Vocational Training Centre at Mehsana


BSST realizes that the young adults with disabilities in our society have to be equipped with skills to adapt appropriately to the needs of adulthood and thereby function as an independent whole-physically and emotionally. The program aims at creating an infrastructure, which would ensure training for the young adults with disability. It will cater to the individuals of age 15& above. The ultimate aim of the program is tocreate a sense of self reliance and financially independence amongst youth with disabilities. Program would also aim at a possible training and placements of the young adults in various vocations and organizations. This can either be done independently at the training center or by associating with various sheltered workshops and training institutions.Besides the vocational training the curriculum would also include therapeutic interventions (like speech and occupational therapy), extracurricular activities like music, dance and art and activities of daily living, computer training.

The Objectives of the Scheme are:

  • i) Broader objectives of the project :- Program is designed to enable persons with disability for a suitable training, on the job training, self structured employment, sheltered employment and job readiness which is in line with their vocational potential Vocational education and training focuses on abilities of people having disability to make them meaningfully employed in different job areas according to their abilities.
  • ii) Larger objectives of the project :- The project aims at enabling Youth with disability to live financially independent lives through vocational skill building and placement support creation. To provide youth with disability an opportunity to increase their employability and income-earning prospects
  • iii) Specific objectives :- To prepare young adults for work by providing them with specific pre vocational and vocational training To create opportunities for persons with disability to become self-reliant To prepare persons with disability to work in sheltered, small scale and self sustaining professions
  • iv) Program would include of :- Basic Skill building Pre-vocational training Sector Specific training Pre-Employment Training depending on abilities and interests
  • v) Core competencies to be developed are:- Communication skills Presentation skills Self management Ability for planning, organizing and coordinating Creative thinking, problem solving and decision-making
  • vi) Skills/concepts taught during this program:- Different shapes, colour, sizes Skills of: paper folding, pasting, cutting, threading, punching, creasing, pressing, strip cutting, punching the holes, Base Box folding, riveting Concept of: counting, measurement, weight, temperature, money, counting, moulding

Prospective Vocational programs :

  • I) PAPER WORK :- The projects under this area could include: Card Making, assorted Stationary products like pen stands, paper holders, Table Mats, Books and associated products, Household accessories like trays, lanterns.
  • II) Skill training :- Will be in areas of tracing, drawing, cutting, folding, sticking, and decorating among others.
  • III) STITCHING :- The projects in this area could include: Embroidery on table mats, aprons, towels, embroidery on baby dresses and wrappers and making of the same, beading on dupattas, sarees and other associated accessories, pillows for children, baby blankets. Different stitches depending on their capability which will then be incorporated into the above mentioned projects.
  • IV) CANDLE MAKING:- They are taught safety and care while working with hot wax and fire. They are taught to make various candles and the procedures associated with the same. Some kind of candles being taught will be taper candles, mould candles, floating candles among others. The students are also taught how to decorate the same.
  • V) FELTING :- This is an activity that works with creating things with wool. The projects that can be undertaken are cushion covers, dolls, pouches, purses, hair accessories among others.Creativity, concentration, fine motor skills and measurements.
  • V) JEWELLERY MAKING :- This program will involve trainees to work with various beads and stones to create jewellery items like necklaces, anklets, bracelets etc.